Time goes on…

So, here we go…

Three years later and we are having to revisit, not just for the fact that I really should do this more often, but also because my world is about to get turned upside down. I work for a big box retailer that has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy and has decided that the store I work at is not to be part of the restructuring. No, they aren’t going to help me find a new job, nor did I expect them to. I feel sad for my co-workers, but to me, this is a blessing in disguise, the kick I needed to get out.

Okay, you may be asking, “Lhyz, why did you go to college for 6 years if you were just going to end up back in a box store?” It was to pay the bills. It was to keep my head above water in a temporary fashion. I was supposed to work and then in my free time, look for better work. But I got lazy, comfortable, complacent, and worst of all, I made friends who mean a lot to me now.

So, what’s the next step? I am going to follow the big box in it’s idea and I am going to go through a restructuring. I have already come up with a new name for myself, I’m going to rework this site, and I’ve begun working on a logo that means something to me. I am going to change my colors and my layouts. Get rid of the portfolio pages that don’t speak to my style anymore. I am grateful to have had a practical freelance logo job during the retail time, but one job a designer does not make.

I will re-do my hair and refresh myself. I will spend some of my free time listening to music and reaching into myself and I will strive to be the best version of me. Sappiness aside, I am most likely going to look for design work, but I am not above working a shit job again. The bills need to be paid and money needs to be saved.

I think the main feature of this site should be a mix of the blog and my Instagram feed, since that is honestly the best way to not only get in touch with me, but to keep up with where I am and how I am doing. Thank you for sticking it out to the end.

So, for the time being…. Here we go.

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